We rescue essential vintage pieces for a modern life

Vintage Polaroid cameras, vintage eyewear, Mid-Century and Space Age lighting and other vintage design goods. Vienna vintage from the 50s, 60s, 70s. We are lovers of objects with a story to tell and we believe in a circular, ethical and reasonable consumption. That is why we are proud to say that we rescue incredible pieces to give them to those who appreciate them.

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it"

Each object we rescue is unique and will never be produced again. And we know that someone, somewhere in the world, is looking for it. Polaroid cameras, mid-century lighting, new old stock sunglasses, vintage bags. No matter what, there is always someone looking for that special piece. So we rescue it, we give it the care it deserves, photograph it and expose it on our website waiting for its better half to find it. And that's where you come into the game.

Looking for something original and almost unique?

What clients say about our products

We take great pride in making people happy.

5 out of 5 stars Perfect! Very fast shipping, great packaging. The camera is absolute perfection. It really has no marks of use, no scratches. It even has an original guarantee card along with the instruction and a little polaroid ad brochure which is so cute. Works perfectly.

Aleksandra Tiupina

Aleksandra Tiupina

Polaroid Supercolor Sonar Special Edition

Servus :) Erstmal möchte ich nicht die Kamera bewerten, sondern hervorheben, dass die Verkäuferin unsere wahre Rettung für unsere Hochzeitsfeier war. (Die alte Kamera hat den Geist aufgegeben). Wir haben die Polaroid per Express bekommen, es war Konfetti und eine süße Karte + Schoki im Paket. Seid lieb zueinander, dann wird die Welt bunter! Vielen Dank für deinen Rettungseinsatz!



Polaroid 1000 Land Camera

Great experience with Vintage and Other Thing! The lamp was well packaged with a lovely handwritten note. The lamp is in great condition and looks amazing on my desk! I will definitely order more items from Vintage and Other Thing!



Vintage Orange Ball Table Lamp - 70s Space Age

Fantastic in every respect. Best experience on Etsy I’ve ever had. Recommend 1000%!



SEIKO Scuba Diver Automatic 7002 - 7000 - Vintage 1992


When we search for information about our products, we find fascinating stories.

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Snowflake wall lamp, Emil Stejnar for Rupert Nikoll. 1950-1959
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